Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Summersville DWS update: by Bernard Exley

Just got back from my road trip so here's the update on Summersville DWS.We didn't see any notices about jumping or diving.We spoke to local DWS climbers and they said nothing had changed except that it was advisable that you did not jump/dive off if you topped out, instead you should down climb a bit and "fall off", apparently this wont be viewed as "jumping or diving", but as an unfortunate "fall"! We climbed all day on July 4th holiday and did not get approached by any officials and we know of no other climbers being approached either.
So as far as we can tell DWS is still fully available at Summersville but it has not been tested officially, for example if a climber was to "fall off" and hurt themselves and require the emergency services then it might present an opportunity for the new law to be applied to DWS. We shall just have to wait and see.