Tuesday, 21 August 2007

DWS in Western Australia: by Peter Church

Our representative, Peter Church from ‘down under’ has sent us some information regarding his local DWS venue in Perth, 'Blackwall Reach'

‘This is the only DWS area in Perth, Western Australia. This is a small limestone crag by the river Swan and most problems involve traversing, with some opportunity for climbing up to 7m height on steep and sometimes overhanging walls. One of the challenges of the area however is the 3m roof, which starts in the cave. The easiest line through the roof is about grade 18 and is called Splashdown. The whole crag is about 200 m long and broken into many sections. It is possible to traverse the whole area at medium to low tide.’

Peter has also mentioned that a small scene is developing down there. Check out this cool little video on youtube.