Monday, 24 September 2007


It has become evident that tourism is taking over and possibly destroying Cala Barques.
The biggest concern is the amount of camping taking place and the amount of rubbish being dumped.
It does look evident that tourists (not climbers) are the major contributors to the rubbish problem but that’s not to say that climbers are not contributing to the issue, as climbers are generally found camping in this area.

It is vital that every one protects Barques, so:

1) Do not light fires! The ashes blow across the beach and cause a mess.

2) Take ALL your rubbish away with you. And do not dump it by the gate.

3) Do not camp on the beach.

4) Clear away your own botty waist. Bury it, along with any toilet roll used.

Also note that it is not permitted to camp at Barques and is in fact illegal. It is quite clear that there is a need for a camp site in the area to house those seeking the cheaper alternative. But until that time arrives, protect the environment you inhabit and try to leave it the same way you found it.

Photo: By Daimon Beail.