Friday, 28 March 2008

2008 Festival News

There are possibly going to be two DWS festivals taking place this year:

Firstly is the UK festival which is looking like it will be being held in Pembroke again. Mike Weeks is in talks with various people regarding the event, and there are some interesting rumors on the party front. If all goes to plan the after party could be a bit bigger than last year! Let’s wait and see.

Check out this news story on what happened at last years DWS festival in Pembroke's.

Denmark (which is not the first venue that comes to mind when thinking of dws), is having an international competition over lake Hammers√łen which is on the granite island of Bornholm. The event (which is to take place in August) will be held on an artificial wall and competitors will be battling it out for a large cash prizes!!!

As well as the DWS event there will also be a series of lectures on various subjects surrounding climbing as well as a number workshops for people to attend.

To get a feel of what to expect check out this excellent slide show by Martin Paldan showing last years event.

For further information on the Bornholm Climbing & Deepwater Solo Festival visit the website.