Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Sting In The Tail - Portuguese Man-Of-War Spotted In UK Waters

Unusually large numbers of the potentially fatal Jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-war have been spotted and found along the South West coast of England. Prime DWS venues like Durdle Door , Conner Cove and those venues found in Devon are all at risk.
Keep a very keen eye out for them over the next few weeks and seek medical attention immediately if stung!

The Portuguese man-of-war jelly fish have unfortunately turned up at the peak of the DWS season, Many climbers are now actively soloing on the Southern sea cliffs of England each weekend and are now very much at risk from this new danger.

It’s recommended that at least one member of each climbing group assign a Jelly spotter to keep the groups safe.

See this BBC news story for further information.