Friday, 25 May 2012

Sweden DWS - By Emma Harrington

Bohuslän is a Swedish traditional province situated on the northern part of the country’s west coast.

Here you’ll find an imposing cliff of granite rock called Bläckhall with routes ranging from 6a to 7c+. Bläckhall (TOPO) is part of an island in the archipelago and is significantly exposed to the weather. Routes here climb to a maximum of 22 metres high with other smaller routes ranging from  12 – 15 metres.

Be very careful to follow the established access rules when you visit the Bohuslän.

Another deep water soloing venue is Rödsberget . It lies in Åbyfjord and is protected from the wind and waves (TOPO). Routes here range from 6a to 8a and the height is up to 18 metres.
Video of Henrik Bolander climbing Bläckhall 22 meters of 43 Knots, 7c+