Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Desert Flight: Deep Water Soloing in the Arizona Desert

Desert Flight: A Climbing Mom's Vacation

© Mike Call / PrAna
PrAna Ambassadors Carrie Cooper and Jacinda Hunter escape the heat of the summer, the stress of work, the craziness of motherhood and run away to a climbing oasis in Arizona USA.

Maybe the last place you would think about going for deep water soloing is the hot desert of Arizona, but the rock in Clear Creek is western desert sandstone and the water is warm and clear.  "It's just climbing for the sake of climbing, relaxing and being in the sun. Just having a good time".

© Mike Call / PrAna
Jacinda Hunter, a nurse and mother of four (two boys and two girls), juggles work and parenthood with bouldering V11 and red-pointing 14b.

Carrie Cooper lives in Salt Lake City. She started climbing in 2001, and quit her job as a web manager to tour Europe and Africa solo for 8 months. Now she balances motherhood, school and climbing.  Her next goal is to break through  to the V11/5.14 level.

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