Thursday, 1 August 2013

Berry Head - South Devon - UK

The deep water soloing season is in full swing here in the UK, and August the 1st sees the climbing restrictions lifted on the area of Berry Head in South West Devon. The restriction on climbing in this area is in effect from 1st March to 31st of July due to nesting birds. All climbers are strongly advised to call the Brixham Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre to advise them of your climbing activities in order to prevent any unnecessary call outs that may be made by members of the general public thinking that climbers need rescuing. In 2009 the Berry Head National Nature Reserve contacted the BMC concerning DWS and false call outs, putting an amber flag on climbing in the area as the call outs were obviously an area of great concern. Please do not jeopardise the future of climbing at Berry Head and call the Brixham MRCC before climbing.

(01803) 882 704