Friday, 25 April 2014

El Nido, Palawan - Philippines 'The Last Frontier'

El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines is known to its people as the Philippines’ Last frontier.
With magnificent beaches, an ocean filled with 1,780 islands and more importantly for us, plenty of rock of which some of it is ideal for Deep Water Soloing. This is not the first time El Nido has been talked about; in fact it has been on the exploration map of many a Deep Water Soloer for years as the next place to explore after Hana long bay in Vietnam. We even reported on some development back in 2011. But with the area being classed as a managed resource and protected area, many feared another Croatian experience where the areas they tried to climb were in fact banned. So many people turned their attention elsewhere. Now we have a video presented by the North Face Channel which musically documents a team of climbers including, James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini, Miel Pahati and Pablo Scorza exploring the islands and unearthing some of its DWS potential.